#Beast (Deluxe Edition) Available Now!

Start the new year off with all new songs from Demun! #Beast (Deluxe Edition) features all 12 songs PLUS 8 never before released remixes! 

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  1. Truck Music (feat. Charlie Farley)
  2. My Town
  3. Bronco (feat. Jelly Roll)
  4. The Pit (feat. Big Smo)
  5. Give ‘Em Hell (feat. the Lacs & Danny Boone)
  6. Highway in My Blood (feat. Alexander King)
  7. So Wonderful
  8. Suge White (feat. Colt Ford)
  9. Never Look Back
  10. Backyard Lullaby (feat. Noah Gordon)
  11. Cracker Life
  12. Five Points Road (feat. Cypress Spring)
  13. Chrome (Remix) [feat. Jawga Boyz]
  14. Tannerite (Remix)
  15. Country Fried (Remix)
  16. Dixie Dimes (Remix)
  17. Rahhh (Remix) [feat. Charlie Farley]
  18. Firecracker (Remix)
  19. I’m a Man (Remix)
  20. Wheelz Fall Off (Remix)